Harbours & beach-combing in Norfolk

Sunday, September 24, 2017 Norfolk, UK


I came back from North Norfolk on Thursday morning after spending a few wonderful days with my dad. I love going to Cromer and being by the sea, I live nowhere near the coast so I get really excited to have it on my doorstep for a couple of days.

On Tuesday morning we took a drive into Wells-Next-the-Sea, about 20 miles west of Cromer. Lovely little place with a quiet harbour and plenty of beached boats to photograph.

After spending some time hanging around the harbour, we drove up to Wells beach. At the top of Beach Road near the car park and cafe there's a Joules of all things(!)

Didn't get close enough for a proper snap of the beach huts, but you can see them lining the beach in all their rainbow glory below. They're quite a famous sight around NN.

After our trip into Wells, we drove up the road to Holkham Hall. To be honest, I found the grounds of Holkham Hall were more impressive than the house - the vast greenery was stunning and there were tons of dear roaming the woodland areas. Never seen deer in real life (I know, what a sheltered life I lead) and suddenly there were hundreds of them chilling in the open. I didn't get any photographs of them because they were far away and my camera isn't that good, but it was honestly the most incredible sight I will never forget.

I don't know what those murky marks are in the sky, sorry - definitely a camera mishap and not two blurry UFOs, lol.

Wednesday I had most of the day to myself. My dad had to go to work for a few hours in the afternoon so I was left to my own devices in Cromer. Cromer feels like my second home - it's cosy, friendly, and quaint, and perfect for slow afternoons.

Admittedly I spent most of my time on the shingle-sand beach combing for sea glass and cool looking pebbles and shells (got a thing about collecting stuff off the beach and lugging it all home with me). I also popped into the coolest shop and picked up some souvenirs for my mum (and myself, heh) and had cake and a hot chocolate at Coffee Therapy.

The weather started off really murky, so there are quite a lot of moody shots of Cromer Pier and beach...

Anyone else really love finding cool stones on the beach? I swear I'm 23 and not 12.

... But the sun did eventually show its face.

Once my dad had finished up with work we went to the local pub for a few drinks and then home to cook dinner. My dad and I the least chef-y people in the world, but dinner turned out to be a success (much to our astonishment).

Thursday morning we were up bright and early so I could catch my 9:57 train home. Oh, and on the Norwich to Grantham train I was sat behind a couple with a kitten. Yes, a kitten. I couldn't quite believe it either.

Look at that tiny sweet face.

Thanks for reading! Hope you guys had a great week (and weekend).

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