Dog walks & Amazon deliveries

Saturday, September 02, 2017
Lovely little flutterby posing on the flowers this morning.


My brother and I took his dog for a walk this morning - a lovely route neither of us had ever been on which takes you through a huge pit wood with some pretty good views from the pit top. Doggo was so happy to run free through the long grass and even met some other dogs who were so playful and lovely. 

Because my brother's dog is a rescue and arrived at the shelter with little to no information about his background, we've always been careful not to let him get too close to other dogs on his walks just to be safe, but this time he was perfectly fine. He wasn't nervous or defensive like he has been in the past. He's improved loads. I think it helps when the other dogs are calm and friendly too - doggo met an overexcited puppy earlier this year and didn't rate it much. I think it scared him. 😂 I'm so happy he's finally getting more comfortable around other dogs. One licked his eye the other day, I think he liked it.

So yeah, do love a good dog walk. Especially when the sun is shining and you've got the cutest pupper by your side.

In other news, I received a rather exciting parcel yesterday from Amazon. I ordered a new hairdryer, new straighteners, and some heat protection spray a few days ago because I am on a mission to improve the condition of my hair (I want glorious shiny locks and I will not give up until I have them). I recently changed my shampoo and conditioner (both are excellent, 5/5) so it was about time I upgraded my tired old hair styling tools too (which were kinda on their way out anyway). I got some KIPOZI straighteners (these are TREMENDOUS) and a JINRI hairdyer (yet to test), both with pretty impressive 5 star reviews and both affordable.

One more thing before I finish up - that Game of Thrones finale?! GoT viewers, feel free to hit me up on Twitter. I'm always open to a good Thrones ramble. I'm still thinking about it and it's been almost a week.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

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