Redecorating... the nursery

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
And lastly, we have the nursery, the final room of my Redecorating series! I went with a very calm neutral colour scheme with this room so it can work with any gender. The muted shade of minty blue that runs throughout this room is my favourite thing about it; the contemporary wallpaper is just the right amount of fussy, and the striped chair matches perfectly with the more traditional-style furniture.

Putting this room together, I fell in love with Marks & Spencer's Hastings furniture range. That ivory is dreamy. I don't think it's a popular furniture colour (I hardly ever see it around) but it's so stunning. It's got that modern country cottage vibe that I love.

However, not wanting to overdo the ivory (there's a limit), I added a dash of natural wood tones through the rope storage basket and chair legs. Stops the room looking too pale and blah.

Hope you've enjoyed this series, and I hope you enjoy having a little shop around.

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