Redecorating... the dining room

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Here is part five! Today I bring you the dining room.

I didn't know what to do with this room at first, I just picked out a nice dining table and went from there. I initially wanted some pops of colour but I seem to have gone quite neutral instead with lots of greys and browns. I really love the mixture of textures in this room - the wood, slate, stainless steel, and linen work well together to give the room some oomph.

If you want to stick to a neutral colour palette without the room looking too drab and flat, textures will add a little more dimension. So will mixing patterns if that's more your bag.

I think a pop of mustard or teal would go well in this room if you wanted to jazz it up a bit. I'd suggest adding some colour through seat cushions, tableware, or curtains. I like the pale cream and grey together though, it's versatile and allows you more freedom when it comes to decorating.

So there you go, have fun shopping!

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