Redecorating... the bedroom

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Here I am with the long awaited bedroom. I wanted to keep the best 'til last but we still have the nursery to go, so it's more like the best 'til second last. I just couldn't wait any longer, the bedroom is the one room I was absolutely buzzing to do.

For this room I took a little inspiration from the living room with those warm mustard and green shades. I stumbled upon this wacky Orla Kiely wallpaper and just had to use it. It was hard to work into the room because it's so bold and the colours are so unique (annoyingly so!!), but I think I managed it. This room took a lot of work just getting the colours to work together to be honest; I couldn't really add any more patterns because I didn't want anything to clash with the wallpaper. With a busy wallpaper like this it's best to let it do all the talking and have plain furnishings to highlight it. The only other pattern I can spot is the very understated criss-cross/chevron pattern on the throw.

I really like the subtle pops of black in this room like in the hairpin legs of the side table and the dial of the alarm clock. Sometimes loads of beige and pale wood shades can be a bit flat and wishy-washy so I figured I'd add some black to break it up.

Hope you like this room, it's unusual and quirky but I kinda love it.


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