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Monday, August 14, 2017

This may sound mundane to some of you, but I recently bought a 70s chest of drawers off Gumtree and I have never been so thrilled about a piece of furniture in my life.

I've been looking to replace my decrepit Argos drawers for months. They pretty much fell apart - the ball bearing runners had been broken for years and I kept finding tiny metal balls on my carpet because the bearings were just falling apart every time I opened a drawer. It got to the point where the runners didn't work at all and I was practically wrenching drawers open and kicking them shut. Oh, and the base in one of the drawers (not even holding anything heavy) just... collapsed. For the fun of it.

I mean... I wasn't expecting my Argos drawers to last decades, but I was still disappointed.

I'd spent hours upon hours scouring eBay for a new chest of drawers that would fit in this awkward space. Everything I found was way too wide or way too thin. There was nothing in between.

Until... I went on Gumtree for the very first time and found this beautiful teak wooden chest of drawers with pretty much the exact measurements I wanted (give or take a centimetres). It was bloody spot on, and it was only 25 minutes away so I was able to pick up two days after seeing it.

And although it doesn't 'fit in' with my other white, clean, minimal furniture pieces, I kind of love that. It stands out and adds some warmth to the room. I had the idea to sand and paint it when I first saw it, but now I love the teak wood. It's a 70s piece and I feel like painting it would take the charm away from it, so it's keeping its striking colour for the foreseeable future.

It also has no ball bearing runners whatsoever. Old school style.

P.S. Notice how the cotton pads magically fill themselves up in the second photo? 😂

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