A walk around Hardwick Hall gardens

Saturday, August 19, 2017 Chesterfield, UK


Ma and I vitited Hardwick Hall yesterday. It took us ages to pick somewhere to go (we're an indecisive pair) but we finally settled on Hardwick - it's not too far, it's easy to get to, and it's not expensive (especially not for me - I have a trusty NT membership!) We'd been before and loved it but that was about 2 years ago so we were due another trip.

We arrived at around 11, enjoyed some doorstep toast and jam for brunch in the cafe, and then began our walk around the house gardens. We didn't pay to get into the house this time - we wanted to save money and also make the most of the sun because it was forecast to absolutely chuck it down in the afternoon (oh, and it really did, we timed it well).

It was surprisingly quiet for the school holidays. I was glad of it, to be honest(!) we must've picked the best day to go.

So many gorgeous flowers, I was in heaven. I didn't know which ones to sniff first.

From most angles in the garden you can see the hall peering above the shrubbery. I just love it.

I've had this week off and this little trip into the Derbyshire countryside is exactly what I needed before I head back to work. I still have the weekend (and Monday) off, so I've still got a few days at home to relax, but I wanted to spend some time away from it all just enjoying good ol' nature with my favourite person in the world.

We finished up in the gift shop (as you do) and got caught in a light drizzle before getting in the car and heading home. 

You can read more about Hardwick Hall here. Also consider getting a National Trust membership if you don't have one already, I bought one on a whim a few months ago and it's already saved me a ton of money.

Hope you like this huuuuge photo dump. I took my Leica with me but it died when I got there, so these were all taken on my phone. Not too shabby!

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