Wildflowers, bees, & blackberries galore

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Happy Sunday!

My wildflowers have sprouted some rather impressive flowers since my last garden post. Our garden is truly a bee haven - they love the wildflowers, the lavender, and the aubrietias in spring. I'm happy when the bees are happy!

I've also included some photos of our thriving blackberries that grow among the untamed brambly bit at the bottom of the garden that no-one dares to go near. Hey, at least the hedgehogs like it.

Note: This is an image-heavy post which is why it's behind a cut. Enjoy!

So much fuzz!

See, bee haven.

The asters are flourishing nicely...

I only learned these were called snowberries recently. They've grown here for as long as I can remember...

... they're sorta pretty, aren't they?

I could photograph flowers all day, every day.

Next up - ladybirds! And blackberries!

Say hello to my little friend.

Those black ones are practically screaming to be picked and munched.

I used to hate our garden (it was a boring, colourless mess) but now it's somewhere I wish I could spend all my spare time (if the weather permitted). I love listening to the wind chime blow in the breeze, the bees buzzing around the flowers when we sit out on the patio, and the birds that sit twittering lovely tunes on the bird feeders. Ahhhh. Nature is nice!!!

So that's all I have today, hope you liked the quick snaps of my garden.

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