Redecorating... the office

Wednesday, July 05, 2017
Thinking of giving your house a big ol' refresh? Then listen up, kids. For my brand new Redecorating series on Battlewind, I'm going to be putting together mood boards and colour schemes for each room of a traditional home - living, dining, kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom, and nursery - and hopefully give you guys some inspiration if you're currently (or thinking about) redecorating.

I'm kicking off the series with the office.

If I were to have my own office, I would go for calm neutral colours, especially pale shades of green (green is a brain-boosting colour according to the internet). In this mood board I've chosen two pale off-white/grey/green shades from Farrow & Ball and picked a few gorgeous matt white and natural wood furnishings to compliment the walls. I love this mood board a lot, it took me a few days to work on and I'm in love with every single item. The IKEA chair and Swoon Editions desk really does it for me.

Hope you like what I've put together! Next up will be the living room.

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