Wednesday wish list / 10

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Back again with the Wednesday wish lists! It might be easier for me to put these posts out more often now I have a new Wish list board on Pinterest. It's easier for me to dip into that board and pick a few items than spend way too long scouring the web beforehand.

I'm especially loving the straw basket in this WWL, I've seen them all over Instagram and Pinterest and I am quite drawn to them. They look as if they should have hand-picked daisies and fresh strawberries in them. I also saw that Florbella vase in OB a few weeks ago and it is beeeaaautiful, kinda regret not picking it up there and then.

So yeah, hope you enjoy this week's wish list picks!

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  1. Replies
    1. It looks so floaty and cool, perfect for summer :)


  2. I didn't know I needed those cropped trousers until now omg

    1. Tell me about it, I used to hate culottes but now they're all I want to wear and own.




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