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Sunday, June 11, 2017


Hm, June hasn't got off to a good start, has it? Way too much rain and wind, it's supposed to be summer isn't it? Or near enough...

I am currently at the beginning of my week off so I'm hoping to do some exciting things this week if the weather gets better. A bit of sun would be lovely, thanks. God, I have to stop talking about the weather all the time, don't I? It must be so dull to read about but I'm not a true Brit until I've moaned about the weather. It's the law.

At least Friday afternoon brightened up a bit just as I'd finished work - see image above.

In other news...

My NT membership card came through the post the other day. This was an impulsive purchase, I just felt like I should get one because I visit a lot of NT sites and, y'know, entry prices aren't cheap and sometimes forking out around £5 - £15 each for a ticket is not doable, but a membership means you only have to fork out once a year (it cost me £32.40) to have access to everything for free. And I'll probably be fine paying £32 a year (up until I turn 25) to be able to visit hundreds upon hundreds of incredible places.

So yeah, hoping to get a lot of use out of that this summer.

I really want to get outside and move more. I've put a lot of weight on over the last year (I blame my thyroid just because I can) and although I have a decent job where I'm on my feet a lot and doing lots of walking throughout the day, it's not doing much for me. I don't eat great, I'm not a huge fan of veg and fruit (the bane of my existence) but I try and drink a lot of water and I always eat breakfast in a morning, but I know it takes so much more than that. Exercise and gyms scare me because I feel like I'm being watched, that I look like an idiot or I'm doing it wrong and someone's laughing at me. Ridiculous paranoia I know, but I can't shake it off. Even if I do some exercise in my room I feel stupid because I'm painfully unfit and I feel like people can see me mucking it up.

Anxiety. Boo, hiss.

Anyway, apart from working and glumly looking out of my bedroom window at the rain, I've not done a great deal. I know, I know, I'm the most thrilling person you've ever met. Settle down.

Hope you had a fab weekend. Enjoy the above photo of some ducklings being all cute and small. Everybody loves ducklings.

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