Birthdays, walled gardens, & ladybirds

Thursday, June 15, 2017 Clumber Park, Worksop, UK


My mum celebrated her birthday yesterday. We didn't have anything planned so I suggested a walk since the weather was beautiful.

We took off to Clumber Park for a few hours in the morning. We arrived a few minutes before the park officially opened (the early bird catches the worm, or whatever) and headed straight for the lake to explore the re-imagined Lincoln Frigate while there was hardly anyone around. Yeah, I forgot to take pictures of it but you can see and read more about it here. I did take some good pics of the lake though, as you can see above. I love the reflection of the sun in the first photo.

We wandered up the lake a little more then did a U-turn to head to the Walled Kitchen Garden to snoop around their huge rhubarb collection and gorgeous flowers.

So peaceful. All we could hear were bees, birds, and footsteps on the gravel. I love being away from the town centre and traffic and big crowds of people. I need to live in the countryside, it's honestly all I want in life.

There are now NT deckchairs scattered around the garden which my mum and I could've sat in for hours. We sat under some apple trees in the long grass and had ten minutes with our eyes shut, soaking up all that vitamin D.

Once we'd finished up at Clumber, we visited my aunt's house where I got to see my nan and cousin who I don't get to see very often which was lovely. We scoffed cupcakes and sausage rolls and had a right good chinwag.

Downside to all this - I got heat exhaustion from being in the sun all day, not drinking enough, and basically not protecting my head or topping up my sunscreen (I'm blonde and pale, so that should explain a lot). Because of this my mum and I haven't gone to the Black Country Living Museum today (mentioned in this post) because I've been feeling hot, poorly, and tired since yesterday afternoon. I'm so clever, aren't I?

So that's that. If you're passing through Notts, do stop off at Clumber and don't forget to visit the Walled Kitchen Garden.

P.S. Look at this darn cute ladybird I spotted in the garden the other day.

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