Sunny shopping in York & a blazing sunset

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 York, UK


Ma and I visited York on Thursday. It was pay day for me (not good!!!) so we decided York would be a lovely place to spend the day shopping as the weather was goooorgeous. I even whipped out the sandals which only ever come out on the hottest of days.

If any of the shops we went in didn't have air-con we were outta there. No way could you spend even a second in an un-air-conditioned shop on Thursday, you could practically feel your skin melting off. We discovered the shop in York with the best air-con was Zara, so we really milked it in there.

I bought three tops from Zara (here, and here - got this one in both colourways), some bedding from Primark, and Frankie magazine. Not the most exciting shopping trip, but walking around sunny York made up for it.

I love summer, I really do. I don't love sweating to death or chafing or not being able to sleep at night but I love summer clothes - I love floaty dresses, sandals, short-sleeved tops, denim shorts, linen, bright colours... my wardrobe is made for summer. My wardrobe is so bleak in winter, I hate it.

I also love how summer makes me feel. Who doesn't love sunshine? It makes me so happy. Sunshine gives me life, literally. I feel so alive when it's sunny and warm. I love summer evenings too when the sunsets look like that ^. Incredible. I have the best view of sunsets and sunrises from my bedroom window. It's the only time my room gets any natural light, I think that's why I love this time of year so much.


Summer is good!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway. Hope you all had a good Bank Holiday weekend. Mine was pretty chill, spent 90% of it in my pyjamas (the sign of an excellent Bank Holiday weekend). Hope you enjoy the nice short working week!

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