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Friday, May 19, 2017


Thought I'd feature this 2-month old photo of a beautiful butterfly showing off in the garden. Apart from what I assume is bird poop on the leaves in the bottom right corner (let's just ignore that and focus on the butterfly shall we), it's a lovely picture. I can't believe we had such gorgeous weather in March yet it's now May and the weather has been nothing but naff. Can we rewind back to March? Then I get to celebrate my birthday again. 🎁

I've not done a great deal in May so far. It's been a bit of a boring month, but I'm OK with that. One good thing happened though (I say good...) - I recently asked my doctor for a blood test because I figured it's odd a 23 year old hasn't had one yet (I suppose not having one means I'm healthy, right? Ehh) so I went on Monday because I just wanted to check my general health.

Results came back on Wednesday and it turns out I have an underactive thyroid and a bit of an iron deficiency. Hm. I expected the lack of iron but not the underactive thyroid, so that's... a thing. Started on tablets on Thursday. I can cope with the hypothyroidism because you just take one tablet a day in the morning (forEVER), but the iron is tricky. You have to avoid eggs, cheese, and milk two hours before and after you take the iron tablet, and dairy is basically 99% of my diet so trying to figure out when I can take the tablets and when I can eat is proving difficult, but at least I don't have to take iron tablets for the rest of my life...

It's a shame these meds don't kick in quicker because I could really do with feeling human again soon. The excessive tiredness has gone on for too long. I'm excited to see what happens when I'm a few weeks/months in. Because of the underactive thyroid I will be going for maaaany more blood tests in the near future, which is not my fave thing in the world but at least they don't hurt.

So there's a little update on things.

To make myself feel better I have made one or two cheeky purchases on the web which I will either Tweet about or feature on the blog next time. They're good 'uns. Have a great weekend!

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