Warner Bros. Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter in London

Sunday, April 02, 2017
London, UK

Long time no blog!

Yesterday my mum, step-dad and I took a coach trip to Leavesden Studios to visit The Making of Harry Potter. I've been to the studio tour before in 2014 on a trip with college but since then they've added the Hogwarts Express and the brand-spanking new Forbidden Forest.

This all came about when we watched the Harry Potter movies over Christmas - my mum had seen most of them but not in order and with some time in between each (they air on ITV a lot so she'd watched some of them on there), and I don't think my step-dad had seen any at all. After watching every single one over Christmas I got them both hooked, so visiting the studio tour was the next logical step. I'd told them how awesome it was last time I'd been and I convinced them to book tickets.

We had such a fun day. I was excited to go again because there were some great new things to see that weren't there before or that I'd missed.

The Forbidden Forest is a new addition to the tour - I actually loved it a lot and that's coming from someone with a biiiiig fear of spiders. Aragog was pretty cool I must admit, and without spoiling anything, you first see him lurking in the dark but then a flash of lightning and...! 😱

The Hogwarts Express was one of my favourite parts of the tour. It wasn't there last time I visited so I was really happy to get to see it. They made it feel so authentic with the steam pumping out of the chimney and the all familiar air horn that makes you feel like it's about to take off to Hogwarts.

I have pleeeenty of pics below for you to enjoy - no pictures of the Forbidden Forest because it's a new addition and I don't want to ruin it for anyone planning to go soon.

1. Hogwarts Express #1 | 2. Hogwarts Express #2 | 3. Gorgeous Beauxbatons uniform | 4. The invisibility cloak plus one of Hermione's and Ron's outfits from the Half-Blood Prince | 5. Yule Ball outfits from the Goblet of Fire | 6. The ice palace from the Goblet of Fire.

6. Letters shooting out of the fireplace in the Dursley's living room #1 | 7. Letters shooting out of the fireplace in the Dursley's living room #2 | 8. Professor Slughorn in the potions classroom | 9. Weasley & Weasley storefront at no. 93 Diagon Alley | 10. A huge majestic Hogwarts to end the tour!

11. Hermione's, Ron's, and Harry's outfits from the Deathly Hallows | 12. Snape as Neville's boggart in the Prisoner of Azkaban (probably my fave costume ever & my fave HP film!) | 13. Professor Dumbledore's and Professor McGonagall's outfits | 14. Mad-Eye Moody's and Professor Trelawney's outfits.

A truly magical day.

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