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Friday, April 21, 2017

I've got a writing folder in my bookmarks that is full to bursting with writing tools, articles, tips, generators, guides, and templates, so I thought I'd share them with you guys. I'm sure there are some of you out there who would benefit from some cool writing tools to help you pen your magnum opus.

Hope you find some of these links useful! Feel free to leave some of your favourite writing resources in the comments, I'm always happy to find more websites to add to my folder.

Note: I do apologise if most of my links are related to the medieval fantasy genre, but that's what I write the most. I've tried to include a bit of something for everyone.

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Name generators:

Guys, I wish I was creative enough to make up names for people/buildings/cities/countries/mountain ranges etc. by myself but I'm not. I need some help when it comes to that so I turn to my trusty library of name generators. I've been curating this collection for years so here are the ones I use the most:

(P.S. I listed most of these in a previous writing-related post but I thought it made sense to have them all in one place here for convenience)

Seventh Sanctum - for naming everything under the sun pretty much, I like it for people's names and tavern names
Random Name Generator - great for if you want more uncommon names
Country Name Generator - self-explanatory
Town Name Generator - a favourite - also self-explanatory
Fantasy Name Generator - an interesting site that allows you to be more precise in what kind of fantasy name you'd like to generate, such as short, long, vowel heavy, with apostrophes etc.
Street Name Generator - another favourite
Tavern and Inn Name Generator - a really really excellent unique generator, also self-explanatory

Not generators, but these websites are also great for names:



Developing characters is so much fun; working on their appearance, personality, career, relationships, habits... it's great fun. I have characters that I made up years ago still floating around in my brain and they feel so real. It's amazing to think that some characters will just stick with you forever like old friends. Here's some links:

Villainous traits and their virtues - goes hand-in-hand with the link above



My favourite thing about the writing process is building a fictional world. I mostly write stories with some sort of fantasy/sci-fi element, so I go all out with world building. It's so fun and there are no restrictions. One of my favourite things to do is to draw maps and come up with names for towns and countries. The Atlas of Middle Earth is fantastic if you want inspiration or help on starting your own fictional map, you don't have to be penning a fantasy medieval story to learn from Tolkien's maps.

Creating a fictional currency - perfect for fantasy or sci-fi stories
A Guide to Deduction - for those writing Sherlock Holmes-inspired detective stories


Plot help:

I hate writing plots. Plots don't come to me naturally, and most of the time I skip the plot altogether and just see where writing takes me. I usually stumble upon a plot while I'm writing and just follow through with it, whether it's big or small, good or bad. I don't have many plot-related resources bookmarked but what I do have I find the most useful:

Random plot point generator - a great generator if you need to add a twist to your story or you want to put your character in an unexpected situation
One-page plotting - an easy worksheet for those who hate plotting (me)
Hatch's plot bank - long list of plot points I find handy


Other resources:

Here I've put the random resources that don't seem to fit into another category but needed a mention.

Family Echo - for creating family trees, amazingly helpful if your story spans a long timeline and there are a lot of births and deaths, or there are a lot of relationships you need to keep track of (think A Song of Ice and Fire)
Tip of My Tongue - can't think of that word that's practically on the edge of your tongue? This site will help
OneLook Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus - a fab tool for if you have a definition of a word but want to know the word (reverse dictionary, see?), also excellent for generating a ton of more obscure synonyms you won't find on sites like
List of colours - random but useful when describing clothing or people's appearances etc.
Character chart - useful for character developing
Tips for creating a book or series bible - I have one of these but done on Evernote, very useful
Celtx - a writing programme for screenwriters (if you sign up you can access the free scriptwriting service but you can't do much else unless you pay up which is a shame) - answers for all your screenwriting questions



If you want some visual inspiration, I've put some links below that you might enjoy:

A Game of Clothes - Game of Thrones inspired fashion
Dark Beauty Mag on Tumblr - moody artistic photography

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