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Thursday, April 27, 2017


I'm still around!

My creativity is having a looooong snooze. Blogging is just... not happening for me at the moment, I am completely out of ideas. I haven't picked my cross stitch stuff up for weeks, and my writing at the moment is... meh, at best. My brain needs a reboot.

I'm not feeling my normal self lately, I'm feeling a bit blah with everything and I wish I could press a reset button and start over. My physical health is all over the shop - I have painful aching joints in my fingers (early symptoms of arthritis according to the internet, which isn't what I want at twenty-flippin'-three), when I kneel down it takes me a century to get back up (I have the knees of a 90 year old), and I've lost my appetite because every single food on the planet makes me bloat/nauseous. I could probably go to the gym and solve a couple of these issues by building my strength and losing some weight but my motivation and confidence is nonexistent. I can't bring myself to do anything. All I've been doing is taking vitamins and drinking lots of water in hopes that these problems magically disappear over time.

I'm basically a sad excuse for a human right now and I would love to just hibernate for a bit and wake up refreshed and healthy. If only that was possible!

In better news - spring! Flowers! Nature! Blue sky! Warmth! I mean, we only had that for, what, a week? Now the UK is in the middle of a weird cold spell but hopefully spring will return soon. I just packed most of my chunky jumpers away and busted out the shorts but I think I was a bit premature.

Work's been nice lately, my hours went down a little so I have more free time (although it's not like I've been utilising it). I'm just plodding along at the moment, taking each day as it comes. Rubbing Voltarol into my finger joints and attempting to figure out what food doesn't make me want to die inside. Fun times!!!!!

Hope you're all having a good week. I'm going shopping tomorrow, maybe that'll cheer me up.

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