Spring wardrobe 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ooh, here we go. Say hello to your spring wardrobe. The previous wardrobe post I did was the autumnal one back in September when I was harping on about cold weather and Christmas songs, whereas this time I am 100,000,000% over winter and very much looking forward to wearing fewer layers and spending more time in the sun. Granted, it's not been great weather-wise so far - it's the middle of March and all we've had is lots of rain, some gusty wind, and a tiny glimmer of sun, which isn't my ideal spring weather but hey-ho. I'm sure it'll pick up.

I love this wardrobe post a lot. I love it more than my autumnal one because I can see, even in the space of six months, how my style has changed. My autumnal wardrobe post looking back on it now is not very 'me' at all (apart from the odd piece or two), whereas this totally is. I love everything here -  it's colourful, effortless, and everything looks very comfy and kinda girly. Just how I like it.

Hope you guys like what I've picked!

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