Old buildings, lovely scents, & a new book

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I visited Chesterfield on Saturday with my mum and my step-dad to do some good ol' shopping together as a wee family. We stopped by our favourite place to eat first then had a mosey around the market which isn't massively exciting on a Saturday (Thursdays are the best) but still worth a look.

Only things I picked up were a pair of baby pink slippers from Primark and some embroidery thread and Aida cloth from Freds. A small but successful trip.

Love the picture of The Royal Oak above - it's in Chesterfield's own Shambles and is one of the oldest pubs in Chesterfield (possibly a contender for one of the oldest pubs in the country) having been an inn since 1722 but existed as a resting place for the Knights Templar before that. A great building, so majestic in real life.

I thought I'd talk about a couple of things I've been loving recently. I'll start with a candle. Always a good place to start.

I picked this candle up from Boots last week and I love it so much, I love citrus candles and this one in particular makes me excited for spring and warm weather. It's got a zing to it and also smells really light and pretty. A good spring/summer combo.

I also picked up another scent recently from Sainsbury's; a peony and linden blossom room spray.

Such a luxurious floral smell. Utterly gorgeous. Would make a stunning perfume - I have a feeling Jo Malone have already got something really similar to this actually.

And last but not least, a book! The Joy of Less by Francine Jay.

I bought this book second-hand off eBay and I'm kinda not sure how I feel about it yet. I've read a few parts already and I can't help but feel the author is just lecturing the reader about how terrible owning stuff is and how we should all follow her perfect minimalism rules (which I think are pretty nuts if I'm being honest). The author doesn't even have a bed frame or bedside tables in her bedroom... don't know how to feel about that(!) Not having a bed frame? Come on. Is it just me who is a bit... 🤔

So far all I can say is that this book might be slightly too extreme for me. I'm not much of a minimalist, I just wanted to read about decluttering and organising that might have been different to Marie Kondo's take on it. I'm still enjoying reading it, I'm just letting a lot of it go over my head for my own sanity. These reviews on Goodreads sum my feelings up pretty well so far, but then again I've not done with the whole book so I don't want to judge too quickly. There's still hope...!

So that's that. Hope you're having a good week so far!

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