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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

It's been a while since I worked on my scrapbook/journal thingy. The last time I added to it was around November I think. I wasn't feeling the urge to work on it for so long but I thought yesterday I'd sit myself down, stop staring at technology, and do some classic cuttin' n' stickin'.

Cut up a postcard I used to have pinned up in my room at uni, stuck it to some pink card, and surrounded it with cat stickers. Why not? Across the page I taped in the note I got when I received my The Botanical Candle Co. order. Used my new gold rose patterned tape.

Next page I have some Fantastic Beasts cinema tickets (pictured in a previous blog post here) on some rose patterned paper, and then across the page I have some business cards/feedback cards from Pylones and Fat Face.

Next I stuck in a faux-Polaroid I received with my recent Lush order. I'd ordered the Bling Crosby bubble bar over Christmas and so I got a little picture of it being made which I quite liked. Popped some bear tape around it because, again, why not?

The adjacent page is where I've stuck my Tsum Tsum collectors card. They don't use these anymore, I think they stopped somewhere around last summer, and I remember going into the Disney Store in York to buy some Tsum Tsums and the lady gave me 25 stamps so I could collect my silver Tsum Tsum badge before they stopped the stamp scheme (you can view the silver and gold pins here). Forever grateful for that lady for helping me out. Lowkey wish she'd stamped the whole card so I could've got the gold pin too, but that's asking for a bit too much isn't it?!

Following page I've stuck some random Seasalt Cornwall clothing tags and then below it I have a Fat Face denim guide I picked up from the till front one time. Fun times!!

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my scrap-journal-book-thing. Still not sure what to call it.

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