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Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Today I thought I'd put together a list of my favourite clothing shops because I'm always interested in seeing where other people buy their clothes and what their personal style is like. I like a bit of everything really, but I'm drawn towards more simple, casual, and wearable pieces that will last me a long time, go with everything in my wardrobe, and will work in any season. I got tired of following trends a while ago so now I try and spend my money wisely on clothes I know I can keep and wear for years to come.

I've also included links to four pieces from each shop that I love so you can do a bit of shopping if you fancy it. Enjoy!

Fat Face:

I didn't 'discover' Fat Face until quite recently - I'd seen the shop before on the high street but I'd never checked it out before. When I moved back home from uni last year and started on SSRIs I embraced this kind of slower, simpler living lifestyle and I wanted to overhaul every aspect of my life including my wardrobe. I was fed up with my wardrobe being full of fashionable pieces and not stylish ones, so I ended up getting rid of a good portion of it and replacing it with things that I genuinely loved and would stand the test of time.

I fell in love with Fat Face because their clothes aren't fussy or faddish, they're simple and understated. Their dresses, for example, have loads of stretch, don't have stupidly low necklines, cover your bum, don't have cut-outs in ridiculous places, and can stand a million washes without losing shape. I can't deal with most fashion trends these days (a lot of them are just bonkers) so Fat Face is my dream when it comes to shopping because I can buy things from there that I can wear for years to come without feeling outdated.

Favourite items on the website:



I've shopped at H&M for years. I used to love their Divided range which is targeted at younger women from around 16+. It's fun cheap fashion so of course I loved it. As I've gotten older, I look at the Divided range and my face screws up. It's bizarre, it's all bum-flashing skater dresses, cut-out tops, chiffon, and skinny jeans I can't get past my ankles. I've moved onto the 'grown up' part of H&M as I call it, but more specifically, to the L.O.G.G and Conscious items.

I love L.O.G.G for the same reason I love Fat Face; it's effortless, simple, unfussy clothing that works with every season. They do a lot of layering pieces that I love wearing under jumpers in the winter, and plain t-shirts made of gorgeous cotton that I can wear alone with shorts in the summer. I'm also really glad H&M do a conscious collection of beautiful sustainable clothing. Read more about H&M Conscious and their ethical commitments here.

Favourite items on the website:



Matalan has been a trusty friend of mine for a long time. Their Falmer Heritage range is my favourite range as its similar to Fat Face (basically, if it's similar to Fat Face I'm gonna love it), but everything else Matalan does is equally as gorgeous. I feel like Matalan used to be quite underwhelming (sometimes their new season ranges would be a bit... naff) but lately they're killing it. They seem to have had a kick up the arse (if you'll excuse that phrase) and they're bringing out tons of good stuff now. 

Matalan is incredible for if you're going out and need a last minute dress (they have loads at affordable prices all year round), vests and t-shirts (comfy, great for layering, great for when you're melting in the summer), and bras (most of them are £10 or under, wonderful if you don't have the cash to splash but still want something decent).

Favourite items on the website:


Marks & Spencer:

Good ol' Marks n' Sparks. Bra heaven (when I have the money). I never shopped at M&S until I got to about 20 because I found the clothes were not really my thing, plus they weren't really aimed at my age range, but I happened to stumble upon the Indigo range a couple of years ago and it's now the first place I go to when I walk into a Marks & Spencer. I also love their classic M&S collection because they do lovely butter-soft cardigans and jumpers under £20. 

It's definitely grown on me - I used to hate being in M&S as a young 'un because it was a shop my mum and my nan loved and would spend hours in and I'd get so bored, whereas now it's me who spends hours in there and my mum has to drag me out.

Favourite items on the website:



Warehouse is a shop I only truly began to appreciate when I lived in York. I loved their sales and bagging a couple of t-shirts or jumpers with up to £10 knocked off was exciting as a student because not only are you saving money, you're getting quality items. I usually struggle to find size 14 clothes in the sales but Warehouse always seems to have something I actually like in my size. Even when there isn't a sale, Warehouse is one of the shops I make sure to visit when I'm out shopping because I love how quality their clothing feels. I especially love their basic t-shirts and tops because they wash really well and they're just the right amount of baggy.

Favourite items on the website:

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