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Saturday, March 04, 2017

I celebrated my 23rd birthday on the 2nd of March. Typing 23 instead of 22 now makes me feel a tad old because I'm closer to 25 and that just feels too 'adult', you know? I'm definitely not adult enough.

I have to say I feel happier this year than I did last year - this time last year I was job-hunting and feeling so out of sorts after dropping out of uni, whereas this year I feel good because I have a solid job, ace friends and family, and I'm surrounded by people and things I love. I'm not overthinking the future and I feel so much more at peace with everything. I'm excited for spring and all the places I'm going to visit. Anyway...

The day began with birthday cards as they often do. My mum and I then got dressed and began our journey to York. It took us a lot longer than usual due to traffic but we got there at around lunchtime and immediately rushed over to GBK because I needed a juicy mid-rare burger on my b-day. I would not accept anything else.

I picked up a few nice clothing bits - I tweeted all of them over on Twitter yesterday but I thought I'd just include a couple of pics and links here too if you're not a Twitter-er and didn't catch them.

I feel like I did really well with buying quality over quantity. A year or so ago I'd hit up Primark and buy half the shop in a frenzy, whereas this year I wanted good quality things that are made with more care.

We finished up in York at 5-ish and journeyed back home to get into our cosy pyjamas and work on our jigsaw, I don't think there's anything better after a long day. Wow, that last sentence makes me sound 93 not 23.

Then... yesterday morning, my mum and I were doing some food shopping in Sainsbury's and I spotted Ed Sheeran's newly released Divide on vinyl. Of course I bought it. Hadn't listened to the whole album yet but I knew I had to have it. Turns out it's brilliant because I'm listening to it as I type(!) the album even comes with a code so you can download the digital version.

Yeah, I've spent quite a bit recently but I can justify it because it's my birthday week month. It's not even over yet - I don't go back to work until Wednesday so I've given myself until then to spend whatever I like then I have to stop, although it's unlikely to happen because I have no self control.

Hope you guys are having a fun March so far. I certainly am!

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