Lovely quotes / 6

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Six is here, enjoy. P.S. Happy Mother's Day.

"I need a life that isn’t just about needing to escape my life."
— Robert Polito

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them."
— Henri Matisse 

"People disappeared, reappeared, made plans to go somewhere, and then lost each other, searched for each other, found each other a few feet away."
— F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

"Don’t waste your words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all."
— Mandy Hale

"On the journey to myself I’ve been so many people."
— Indigo Williams

"Cold, that morning, yet dazzling with the sharp winter sunlight that wounds the retina."
— Angela Carter, The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories; The Tiger’s Bride

"The sunrise, of course, doesn’t care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful, even if no one bothers to look at it."
— Gene Amole

Trying the KonMari folding method

Thursday, March 23, 2017


I decided to overhaul my chest of drawers recently by using the KonMari folding method to organise my t-shirts, loungewear, pyjamas, and underwear. I know, I'm living life to the absolute max, but honestly it looks amazing and saves so much space. Yeah it's kinda time consuming at first, but if you keep it up it ends up saving you time later on. Does that make sense?

I started with my t-shirts. I have a looooot of tees - this drawer was packed and everything was creased because I'd folded it sloppily and stuffed it in. I used to pack my drawers so tight I'd have to yank them open which ended up with me breaking the sliding/ball mechanism on two of my drawers so they could no longer roll in and out. Despite still being broken, the drawers now open with ease because my t-shirts aren't clogging the space. It's so satisfying.

I buy most of my t-shirts from TK Maxx, Fat Face, Debenhams, and H&M.

P.S. Excuse that one white t-shirt at the back that has been rolled really poorly and is probably going to end up more creased than before. Never even noticed 'til I uploaded the pictures. Marie Kondo would be ashamed. 😂

Next I tackled my sock drawer.

This was nice to do because I always hated how this drawer was so full I could never find anything I wanted. All my socks were balled up and stuffed in here and some even fell behind the drawer because it was overflowing, so while doing this I did find a couple of pairs I hadn't seen in a long time. I also finally got round to pulling the tags off my Seasalt Cornwall socks (which I shamefully haven't worn yet, but I'm also kinda waiting for spring/summer so I can wear them with cute dresses and trainers).

Didn't photograph the other half of this drawer because it's just nicely folded knickers which I didn't really want to photograph and put on the web. But yes, on the other side I have pants and tights rolled up like little pieces of sushi and then my bras are wedged in the best they can because, yeah, they don't really fold.

I get socks from anywhere really, but my fave places to pick them up are Primark, Fat Face, and Seasalt.

Moving onto my pyjama drawer...

Pyjamas were harder to fold neatly because of the collars and buttons etc. but I managed to get them all in. Also I can't help but laugh at how my pyjama drawer looks like it belongs to a 12 year old. I don't think the pink bee PJ bottoms or the years-old cutesy Primark t-shirts help at all (I'm 23 honest), but they're pyjamas, y'know? They're well-loved.

Like socks, I pick up pyjamas from anywhere I can, but I prefer the ones from TK Maxx and Marks & Spencer.

I'm going to try so hard to keep my drawers looking like this for as long as possible. I really love it.

If you want to try this method, I recommend these links and this book, obviously.

Spring wardrobe 2017

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ooh, here we go. Say hello to your spring wardrobe. The previous wardrobe post I did was the autumnal one back in September when I was harping on about cold weather and Christmas songs, whereas this time I am 100,000,000% over winter and very much looking forward to wearing fewer layers and spending more time in the sun. Granted, it's not been great weather-wise so far - it's the middle of March and all we've had is lots of rain, some gusty wind, and a tiny glimmer of sun, which isn't my ideal spring weather but hey-ho. I'm sure it'll pick up.

I love this wardrobe post a lot. I love it more than my autumnal one because I can see, even in the space of six months, how my style has changed. My autumnal wardrobe post looking back on it now is not very 'me' at all (apart from the odd piece or two), whereas this totally is. I love everything here -  it's colourful, effortless, and everything looks very comfy and kinda girly. Just how I like it.

Hope you guys like what I've picked!

Old buildings, lovely scents, & a new book

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I visited Chesterfield on Saturday with my mum and my step-dad to do some good ol' shopping together as a wee family. We stopped by our favourite place to eat first then had a mosey around the market which isn't massively exciting on a Saturday (Thursdays are the best) but still worth a look.

Only things I picked up were a pair of baby pink slippers from Primark and some embroidery thread and Aida cloth from Freds. A small but successful trip.

Love the picture of The Royal Oak above - it's in Chesterfield's own Shambles and is one of the oldest pubs in Chesterfield (possibly a contender for one of the oldest pubs in the country) having been an inn since 1722 but existed as a resting place for the Knights Templar before that. A great building, so majestic in real life.

I thought I'd talk about a couple of things I've been loving recently. I'll start with a candle. Always a good place to start.

I picked this candle up from Boots last week and I love it so much, I love citrus candles and this one in particular makes me excited for spring and warm weather. It's got a zing to it and also smells really light and pretty. A good spring/summer combo.

I also picked up another scent recently from Sainsbury's; a peony and linden blossom room spray.

Such a luxurious floral smell. Utterly gorgeous. Would make a stunning perfume - I have a feeling Jo Malone have already got something really similar to this actually.

And last but not least, a book! The Joy of Less by Francine Jay.

I bought this book second-hand off eBay and I'm kinda not sure how I feel about it yet. I've read a few parts already and I can't help but feel the author is just lecturing the reader about how terrible owning stuff is and how we should all follow her perfect minimalism rules (which I think are pretty nuts if I'm being honest). The author doesn't even have a bed frame or bedside tables in her bedroom... don't know how to feel about that(!) Not having a bed frame? Come on. Is it just me who is a bit... 🤔

So far all I can say is that this book might be slightly too extreme for me. I'm not much of a minimalist, I just wanted to read about decluttering and organising that might have been different to Marie Kondo's take on it. I'm still enjoying reading it, I'm just letting a lot of it go over my head for my own sanity. These reviews on Goodreads sum my feelings up pretty well so far, but then again I've not done with the whole book so I don't want to judge too quickly. There's still hope...!

So that's that. Hope you're having a good week so far!

Newest journal pages for '17

Tuesday, March 07, 2017


It's been a while since I worked on my scrapbook/journal thingy. The last time I added to it was around November I think. I wasn't feeling the urge to work on it for so long but I thought yesterday I'd sit myself down, stop staring at technology, and do some classic cuttin' n' stickin'.

Cut up a postcard I used to have pinned up in my room at uni, stuck it to some pink card, and surrounded it with cat stickers. Why not? Across the page I taped in the note I got when I received my The Botanical Candle Co. order. Used my new gold rose patterned tape.

Next page I have some Fantastic Beasts cinema tickets (pictured in a previous blog post here) on some rose patterned paper, and then across the page I have some business cards/feedback cards from Pylones and Fat Face.

Next I stuck in a faux-Polaroid I received with my recent Lush order. I'd ordered the Bling Crosby bubble bar over Christmas and so I got a little picture of it being made which I quite liked. Popped some bear tape around it because, again, why not?

The adjacent page is where I've stuck my Tsum Tsum collectors card. They don't use these anymore, I think they stopped somewhere around last summer, and I remember going into the Disney Store in York to buy some Tsum Tsums and the lady gave me 25 stamps so I could collect my silver Tsum Tsum badge before they stopped the stamp scheme (you can view the silver and gold pins here). Forever grateful for that lady for helping me out. Lowkey wish she'd stamped the whole card so I could've got the gold pin too, but that's asking for a bit too much isn't it?!

Following page I've stuck some random Seasalt Cornwall clothing tags and then below it I have a Fat Face denim guide I picked up from the till front one time. Fun times!!

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my scrap-journal-book-thing. Still not sure what to call it.

Birthday celebrations & purchases

Saturday, March 04, 2017


I celebrated my 23rd birthday on the 2nd of March. Typing 23 instead of 22 now makes me feel a tad old because I'm closer to 25 and that just feels too 'adult', you know? I'm definitely not adult enough.

I have to say I feel happier this year than I did last year - this time last year I was job-hunting and feeling so out of sorts after dropping out of uni, whereas this year I feel good because I have a solid job, ace friends and family, and I'm surrounded by people and things I love. I'm not overthinking the future and I feel so much more at peace with everything. I'm excited for spring and all the places I'm going to visit. Anyway...

The day began with birthday cards as they often do. My mum and I then got dressed and began our journey to York. It took us a lot longer than usual due to traffic but we got there at around lunchtime and immediately rushed over to GBK because I needed a juicy mid-rare burger on my b-day. I would not accept anything else.

I picked up a few nice clothing bits - I tweeted all of them over on Twitter yesterday but I thought I'd just include a couple of pics and links here too if you're not a Twitter-er and didn't catch them.

I feel like I did really well with buying quality over quantity. A year or so ago I'd hit up Primark and buy half the shop in a frenzy, whereas this year I wanted good quality things that are made with more care.

We finished up in York at 5-ish and journeyed back home to get into our cosy pyjamas and work on our jigsaw, I don't think there's anything better after a long day. Wow, that last sentence makes me sound 93 not 23.

Then... yesterday morning, my mum and I were doing some food shopping in Sainsbury's and I spotted Ed Sheeran's newly released Divide on vinyl. Of course I bought it. Hadn't listened to the whole album yet but I knew I had to have it. Turns out it's brilliant because I'm listening to it as I type(!) the album even comes with a code so you can download the digital version.

Yeah, I've spent quite a bit recently but I can justify it because it's my birthday week month. It's not even over yet - I don't go back to work until Wednesday so I've given myself until then to spend whatever I like then I have to stop, although it's unlikely to happen because I have no self control.

Hope you guys are having a fun March so far. I certainly am!

My top 5 favourite places to shop

Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Today I thought I'd put together a list of my favourite clothing shops because I'm always interested in seeing where other people buy their clothes and what their personal style is like. I like a bit of everything really, but I'm drawn towards more simple, casual, and wearable pieces that will last me a long time, go with everything in my wardrobe, and will work in any season. I got tired of following trends a while ago so now I try and spend my money wisely on clothes I know I can keep and wear for years to come.

I've also included links to four pieces from each shop that I love so you can do a bit of shopping if you fancy it. Enjoy!

Fat Face:

I didn't 'discover' Fat Face until quite recently - I'd seen the shop before on the high street but I'd never checked it out before. When I moved back home from uni last year and started on SSRIs I embraced this kind of slower, simpler living lifestyle and I wanted to overhaul every aspect of my life including my wardrobe. I was fed up with my wardrobe being full of fashionable pieces and not stylish ones, so I ended up getting rid of a good portion of it and replacing it with things that I genuinely loved and would stand the test of time.

I fell in love with Fat Face because their clothes aren't fussy or faddish, they're simple and understated. Their dresses, for example, have loads of stretch, don't have stupidly low necklines, cover your bum, don't have cut-outs in ridiculous places, and can stand a million washes without losing shape. I can't deal with most fashion trends these days (a lot of them are just bonkers) so Fat Face is my dream when it comes to shopping because I can buy things from there that I can wear for years to come without feeling outdated.

Favourite items on the website:

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