Refurbishing an old mirror using furniture paint

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Haven't done a creative post in a while, and definitely haven't messed around with paint for aaaages. My last paint related post was my canvas customisation using pearlescent paints which did really well on the blog, so I'm back again with some more paint action.

Today's project was painting an old, boring wooden mirror frame my mum had in her bedroom for years. It was dated, small, and really dull looking so she eventually replaced it last summer with a huge vintage one she found from a car boot. The dinky old mirror, which is probably a quarter of the size of her new one, ended up being stuffed in the spare room to die. It would've probably ended up in the skip at some point, but I thought I'd rescue it by giving it a lick of paint.

I found the perfect colour from B&Q - it's called 'Winter Grey' by Rust-Oleum. It's a furniture paint with a chalky natural finish. Also bear in mind that on the B&Q website the paint looks so much darker than it actually is - it's very pale in reality, which is exactly what I wanted thankfully.

As you can see, I'm using some very chic bin bags underneath the frame so I don't get paint on the carpet. 🤓

This colour is stunning. As soon as I started painting, I thought hm, what else in this room can I paint?! I was tempted to go nuts with it but I managed to contain myself. Just.

It's a quick drying paint - it says it takes up to 1 hour to fully dry but for me it took around 30 - 40 mins. It's also a virtually odour-free paint which is so helpful because I did this in my bedroom and I didn't fancy my room smelling like fumes.

So here's the finished product after a few hours (feat. my goofy hand):

The paint finishes with brush strokes visible which is lovely if you like that (which I do, it gives it a rustic, homemade charm) but probably not if you want something completely smooth. I guess go for paint that's not chalky? I don't know, I'm not a paint expert, but I love how this turned out.

P.S. In the first few photos the paint looks almost cream/white but it definitely isn't. When the paint's wet it is lighter in colour, but once it dries it turns to that gorgeous blue-grey you can see in the last two photos.

If you're interested in getting this paint I would suggest going into B&Q (or any other Rust-Oleum retailers) and testing it out because the colours are so inaccurate on the website.

Rust-Oleum do so many other ranges of paint with different finishes and colours so you can go really crazy with neon brights or keep it calm and go for more muted shades. Let me know if you pick up a tin! By the way this is not a sponsored post, I just really love Rust-Oleum paint.

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