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Sunday, February 26, 2017


Another week over. Not done a lot this week unfortunately - spent the first half of it with a nasty cold which put me in bed for three days. I had a nice bout of acid reflux on Monday morning and I seem to have developed fun ol' carpal tunnel in my right thumb and index finger which has meant wearing a tubular support bandage while at work. Yeah, it's been a super exciting time. 🤧

My cold is still lingering but all I've got now is the sniffles, and the carpal tunnel in my hand is sort of still there but only bothers me at the end of the day. I do a lot of repetitive motions at work such as being on a coffee machine so my wrist and hands gets a lot of hammer, plus when I'm not at work I'm spending 8+ hours on the computer a day typing away like a lunatic. The only thing I can do at the moment is wear a bandage and keep taking ibuprofen for anti-inflammatory. Boo.

This morning my family and I went to Sherwood Forest to walk my brother's dog around the Major Oak. It was nice to get some fresh air in my lungs after feeling a bit down in the dumps all week and to spend some time with my faves. Took a snap of the Major Oak (above) which looks slightly depressing now it has to be supported with beams, but I'm glad it's still around. It's an impressive sight to behold.

In other news, my mum and I finished a 1,000 piece jigsaw a few days ago:

We're getting scary fast at jigsaws now, I'm tempted to start a YouTube channel and do livestreams (half joking, half serious about that). We finished another jigsaw this morning but it was under 700 pieces and they're way too easy for us. We're too good. It's now go big or go home.

So that's been my overly exciting week. Puzzles and dog walks, nice. I'm such an OAP I sometimes question my real age. Surely I'm not 22-about-to-turn-23... no, can't be.

Today I wanted to bring back an old feature I used to include at the end of all my posts back when I started blogging... recommended reading! Here goes... Spring Stripes by What Olivia Did, Kitchen & Bathroom Makeover by Me & Orla, and Sunday Morning Vibes by Un-Fancy.

Hope you guys have a glorious week ahead. Try not to get blown over by Doris.

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