Bookshop cafés & Fat Face purchases in Bakewell

Friday, February 10, 2017
Bakewell, UK


I feel so bad for not posting as often as I should. I mean, I don't have a schedule so it doesn't really matter when I post, but I like to get at least two to three posts out a week but lately it's been about one, which is a bit rubbish. I'm so busy at work at the moment and I'm suffering big time from SAD (which I even wrote a post about here) so I'm just feeling so blah and tired all the time. Plus, the things I've been doing over January and the beginning of February have just not been worth blogging about. I've either been at work or at home sleeping, seriously. Winter sucks and I'll fight you on that.

I did however visit Bakewell on Tuesday. We picked an amazing day to go - the weather was gorgeous (brisk, but sunny) and I checked my bank balance that morning and realised I wasn't as skint as I thought, so I was excited to hit up Fat Face and pick up a few things.

I got the Newlyn 'Mark Making' top (a simple design but so versatile, I already have the 'Stitching Stars' version of the same t-shirt which will be gorgeous in summer/autumn) and three pairs of pants, because why not?

We stopped for a brief lunch at The Bakewell Book Shop (scones and teacakes, classic) and then drove back through Chesterfield to nip into good ol' Asda Living.

It was really nice to get away from my hometown for a few hours. Nothing makes me feel more at home than being in the Peak District. I would love to live closer so we could visit the Peaks more regularly, but I suppose with it not being on our doorstep it feels slightly more special every time we go. One of my goals in life is to live in the Peaks, or at least on the edge of it. I need to be surrounded by hills so bad. I neeeeed that countryside air in my lungs 24/7.

I'm so excited for pay day this month because I've already made a shopping list in my head of all the new season Fat Face clothes I want. One day I just want my wardrobe to only be Fat Face clothes and nothing else. I just love that shop more than air.

Hope you guys are having a good Feb. My shifts are going down next week which gives me an extra day off during the week, so blog posts will hopefully be a little more frequent. I'll try my hardest.

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