An ode to notebooks

Sunday, February 05, 2017
I like notebooks a lot.

Brand new notebooks are what I live for. I used to buy at least one notebook a week when I was younger to the point where I had to keep them in storage boxes under my bed because I had no room anywhere else. I had (and still have) no purpose for them, but they were (and still are) so satisfying to buy. That new notebook smell gets me every time, and I love quality paper more than I love to breathe (that might be a slight exaggeration).

I don't have a favourite brand, but I do have a soft spot for Moleskines because when I got my first job, a plain black Moleskine was my first proper "grown-up" notebook purchase. I also love Leuchtturms but to be honest, you can pick decent own brand ones up now from WHSmith's, Paperchase, and Ryman. I'm not fussy, I buy most of my notebooks from TK Maxx because they sell Moleskines there with money knocked off. Wink wink.

My collection includes: Moleskine Chapters Journal (the flat purple one with the teal spine), Moleskine Classic notebook in black and in white (the white one is the big fat one under the Chapters Journal), Leuchtturm1917 navy plain notebook (the one that says '2015 projects' on the spine), Insight Editions Stark notebook (the one under the Leuchtturm), Agenzio set of 3 plain notebooks from Paperchase (at the bottom of the pile), plus many more that I can't find online.

I use my notebooks mostly for story planning. Nothing makes me feel as uncreative as planning a story on my computer. I do love Evernote, but it doesn't feel the same as putting pen to paper. I have quite a few notebooks dedicated to story planning and most of them are from years back when I was at college. I had one particular notebook (a huge Pukka Pad) that I used so often it started to fall apart. I still have it but it's stored away because I'm scared that if I touch it it will disintegrate in my hands. It's plastered in sellotape for its own safety.

It's nice to go back and flick through old notebooks to see what my brain was like a few years ago. I had some weird story ideas, and some of my character descriptions and drawings are hella cringe, but without those notebooks and without those ideas I wouldn't be here still writing. The story I started drafting in my last year of college (three years ago, four in May) is the one I'm still working on now.

Anyway, to sum up: Notebooks are cool and helpful and I want 400 more of them, 10/10.

Do you have a similar looking collection/addiction?

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