Golden Slumbers bath bomb from Lush

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
That glitter though.

Say hello to the golden glittery goodness that is the Golden Slumbers bath bomb.

A sleeping potion in your bath, the calming oils in here will calm restless minds and send you on your way to heavenly sleep. With lavender oil, lavender absolute, chamomile oil and neroli to gently lift your mood just higher than the clouds and off into dreamland.

This is a beautiful bath bomb. It is chock-full of glitter to the point where it actually sticks to you for hours after, which has not been the case for me with other glittery bath bombs. This one is beyond glittery. You will look like a mirrorball. I made the mistake of washing my face in the bath and looking like I'd face-planted a craft corner, which may be the look you're going for, but at 4pm in the afternoon I have to say for me it was a tad too much. But glitter is fun so who's complaining?

This bath bomb would be amazing to use if you're going on a night out. Stuff expensive body shimmer powder, just have a bath with this - it does the same job and it's relaxing (but I would be cautious because lavender and chamomile oils make you reeeeaaaaally sleepy - perhaps break it up and use half at a time?).

To top the bath off, I crumbled some Bling Crosby in which is more citrus-y with a hint of patchouli. They mixed well. Bling Crosby was a kitchen exclusive bubble bar so there's no link to it on the website, but, Karma is pretty much the same thing. They both have patchouli and orange oil in them so they smell almost identical and are both glittery bubble bars.

Fun fact: after I'd taken these photos, I hopped in the bath, my phone balancing precariously on the side of the tub, and the next thing you know - plop. It's in the water, my brain is like "IS THIS REAL LIFE?" because for a hot second I thought I was hallucinating (I've never dropped my phone in water before and I genuinely never thought I'd be stupid enough to do it) but nope, it was for real submerged, but luckily I managed to rescue it really quickly, let it rest in rice for 24 hours, and now it seems to be working again. I've got some water damage to the screen but I can live with that. I'm keeping every part of my body crossed in the hope it doesn't explode in my face one day.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oooh I've never had this one! I need to pick it up xx

    Erin |

    1. It's a good 'un - it's a kitchen exclusive too so I think it's only available online :)

      Kate x

  2. Suppose you had an unpleasant day at work, and you are plain depleted. Despite the fact that you are so worn out, you just can't appear to slow down. On the off chance that you had a shower ball that was immersed with lavender, you could put it in the heated water and drench your considerations away. usa bath products


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