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Sunday, January 15, 2017


Happy Sunday once again. 

We saw Fantastic Beasts this morning - it was a great film, very captivating, and it was really nice to revisit the wizarding world. It's been too long. I'd also quite like my own real pet Niffler, but I guess I'd settle for this.

Speaking of the wizarding world, we finally booked tickets for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. I mentioned it in this post that I was hinting to go, and it turns out my mum and step-dad were totally up for it too, so it's all booked and sorted. Already thinking about what I'm going to pick up from the gift shop - I'm definitely getting Newt's vintage Hufflepuff scarf, lots of chocolate frogs, and possibly a wand.

Here's some pictures from my last visit:

A little sad I won't get to see the model of Hogwarts in snow, but there's always next winter. Can't wait to see the Hogwarts Express which is the latest addition to the tour.

Apologies if I waffle on about Harry Potter a lot from now until April but I've become obsessed since watching all 8 films consecutively over Christmas. I don't think I'd ever watched them all together before and doing so just reignited my love for them. Big time.

Hufflepuffs unite! 💛

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