Let the festivities begin...

Friday, December 02, 2016

We've decked the halls!

I'm in love with the garland we have this year - last year it sat at the base of the fireplace because we couldn't find anything strong enough to attach it to the mantel and keep it held up, whereas this year we tried using cable clips and somehow it worked perfectly. I think it looks way better on the mantel like this, it looks very traditional. Let's ignore the dangling fairy lights on the end there...

I put a couple of my family's Christmas presents under the tree tonight. I had most of my presents wrapped and ready before December (people are either impressed or disgusted by that fact) so I thought I'd pop them under. I went all out with gift bags this year - I'm an absolute failure when using wrapping paper (it refuses to cooperate with me) so I bag everything and it makes life a million times easier. I bought most of my gift wrap stuff from TK Maxx this year, they have the loveliest gift bags. I'm not sure if they stock much gift wrap online but you'll find a lot in store.

Have you guys put your trees up yet? Some people still think it's too early which kind of baffles me. It's December... it's time, guys. IT'S TIME.

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