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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Watching: Lots and lots of Gilmore Girls. I'm half way through season 6. I haven't been watching much else recently apart from a few gaming videos on YouTube and a vlog or two. Zoella's Vlogmas 2016 starts tomorrow so I'm looking forward to that.

Reading: The same lot of books from last time (I'm the slowest and laziest reader on earth, nice to meet you) and the Christmas issue of The Simple Things (pictured above). Can't believe it's December, it's come around so fast. I feel like I should have finished my 2016 Reading Challenge months ago but I've neglected my books so bad this year.

Eating: Cadbury's Festive Friends - practically a box a day, no lie. I should be embarrassed about that but I don't care, they're so addictive. I urge you to try these biscuits if you haven't already. They look average, but trust me - Cadbury's must put magical dust in them or something because they taste like little bites of heaven.

Drinking: Trop50. It's not as strong and bitter as normal orange juice so I can pretty much down a whole bottle in minutes. Gimme all that Vitamin C.

Loving: The Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. I'm not usually one for going mad in the sales, whether it's in store or online, but I did get a couple of things from ASOS with 20% off and I got my hands on the new HP Sprocket with about £30 knocked off. The Sprocket has been near impossible to get a hold of recently so I'm chuffed I managed to snag one with a discount.

Feeling: Rather good - it's the 1st of December today so I'm feeling nice and festive, and I'm heading out later with my ma to go shopping (although it probably won't be me doing any actual shopping, seeing as most of my money's gone bye-byes 💸).

Thinking: About the fact that I've not blogged for a few days and I'm completely out of ideas. Whoops. I'm also thinking about how much money I spent yesterday and slightly regretting it. Only slightly.

On an unrelated note, I ordered an Instax camera from Curry's yesterday. I got the pink one obviously. It's gone up £10 since I ordered it too so that was lucky...

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