Pink sunrises & Christmas shopping

Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Look at that November sunrise. As I type this a few hours later, the sun is shining and the sky has turned a glorious blue without a single cloud in the sky. Hoping to go on an autumn walk today with my ma, experience the golden leaves and trees before they go and hopefully take some pics for the blog.

I had a bit of an accident at work yesterday - I picked up a plate that had been on the hob and burnt four of my fingers. Honestly though, who picks up a plate that's clearly been on a scolding hot hob for ten minutes and thinks "yeah, this won't burn me at all". So yeah, I have a few blisters and some very fat red fingers. I spent the rest of my shift with them in a jug of iced water whilst trying to sweep and clean the shop. At least I know never to do that again.

I finished my Christmas shopping on Monday. Everyone's main present, anyway. I still like to keep my eye out for little stocking fillers but the bulk of my shopping is done. I'm so pleased, it means that I can spend my wages on me now (I'm selfish OK) but it also means I don't have to panic at the last minute about anything. I'm now on the look out for some nice wrapping paper and lots of gift bags. I picked a few gift wrap bits up from TK Maxx the other day - they have so much nice Christmas stuff in there at the moment. I really want a little Nutcracker figurine to have on my shelf but the ones I have seen all look a bit sinister. I think it's the eyes, and sometimes their mouths move and that's just wrong on every level. 😨

Having a good week? I'm loving the cold, I've finally had the chance to wear my parka and I'm so happy about it.

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