A leafy walk through the park

Thursday, November 03, 2016
Worksop, UK
Loafers: New Look

My ma and I went on a little walk through the park and into town yesterday. We parked at the far side of the park and had a wander through so we could kick some leaves about like children and look at the cute ducks.

This was the first time taking my Lumix out and I'm really impressed with the pictures. The camera picks up colour so well and the quality of the photo is so much better with tons of natural daylight.

I only edited a couple of these photos - some were darker than others, but 90% of them came out so nice and didn't need any tweaking. I'm starting to like digital photography a lot more than I used to - I will always love film loads more, but digital is more convenient and cheaper especially for blogging.

In town I picked up another pair of black loafers from Select (they're so soft at the back of the heel and they fit so well, brill for wide feet and they're not stiff anywhere), a couple of fitted turtlenecks from Peacocks and Select for wearing under my pinafore dresses, and a bunch of ridiculous Christmas stuff from all over town because I can't stop myself.

I'm enjoying playing around with this camera, I'm no pro so don't expect studio quality photography anytime soon, but I do like using a proper camera now instead of my phone. I'd like to take more portrait photos and try a bit more editing. If anyone knows any photography guides for the Panasonic Lumix send them my way.

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