Showcase: snug socks

Saturday, October 08, 2016
This was bound to happen. After my blankets showcase, I knew I had to move onto socks, and it makes sense now it's finally October and getting a tad chilly outside.

Cosy socks are everything to me - if I could wear big fluffy gimmicky bed socks everywhere, trust me, I would. I've turned into one of those people who asks for socks for Christmas, even though when I was a kid I hated them with a burning passion. I think every adult eventually grows up and realises how heavenly socks actually are and how ungrateful they were as a kid not appreciating socks from their nan. Now, if I don't get socks for Christmas, I'm kinda disappointed.

I've picked ten toasty pairs for you guys to shop. Hope you enjoy!

Note: I have the Fat Face pair in a different design (here) and I can vouch for their comfiness and softness.

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