Nearly November

Sunday, October 30, 2016


I'm looking forward to seeing the end of October - I'm not a fan of Halloween at all so this last week has been a drag. I'm so fed up of the OTT decorations and the fancy dress (I'm such a Halloween Scrooge, sorry), I just want November to get here already. I can't wait for Bonfire Night and then to embrace Christmas full on without shame. 🎄

Anyone else ready for November? I can't wait for the temperatures to drop so I can break out the scarves and gloves and wrap myself up like a burrito. I bought a tiny Christmas tree from Paperchase on Wednesday that I've already assembled and decorated but it's in the spare room at the moment waiting for the appropriate time to come out. I'm just dying for Christmas, I don't know what it is about this year but I'm so excited I could burst. I'm thinking I might move my Christmas tree in around mid-November because I'm just too eager.

I picked up the November issue of The Simple Things on Friday. I love this magazine to bits, I still remember picking up the February issue not long after I'd come home from uni and it was so calming to read, it really put me at ease when I was feeling a little bit lost. It's the only magazine I've ever consistently bought. I've not missed an issue since February, and I even went on eBay to buy the January issue just so I had all of the 2016 issues together. Bit addicted.

Hope you have a fun Halloween (if you celebrate it) and hope you have a lovely start to your November.

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