Canvas customisation with pearlescent paint

Sunday, October 16, 2016


I bought this flowery canvas some time last year from Wilko and I've always loved it - it matches the colour scheme of my room perfectly - but lately I've felt it could do with a little face lift. I love playing around with glitter glue so at first I had planned to outline all the flowers with silver glitter, but I stumbled upon these pearlescent paints at Hobbycraft instead and wow - I'm so glad I didn't go down the glitter route.

I originally picked up one of the Ranger Ink paints - the pale cream colour (shade 'Bisque') - and after testing it out and loving it, I bought 'Ballerina' and 'Lavender Lace' off eBay. You can shop Ranger Ink products here on Hobbycraft.

I was going to go round all the flowers at first, but I've done two on each row and I like it this way. I might do every flower eventually but at the moment I kinda like having some left plain.

Pearlescent paint has become my new fave thing. I want all the shades.

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