Autumnal roads & a book delivery

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Autumn is in full force now. All the trees in my hometown seem to have turned this gorgeous shade of bright orangey gold colour overnight. The roads are covered in crisp leaves and the air is properly cold and it looks and feels so magical. I work next to a park and it's such a gorgeous scene this time of year. If I remember and/or get the time, I'll take some photos. There's a river that runs through it and it has a sensory garden with a church overlooking it. Very picturesque!

I got a really exciting delivery today while I was at work. Erin Boyle's Simple Matters arrived and it is the most aesthetically pleasing book I've ever seen. I've had a flick through it and some of the chapters look so good, I can't wait to delve in. I love hardback books so much, they feel so special to hold.

If you've read this book let me know! It's been on my wish list for months now and I finally found it online for a bargain (it's in used condition but it looks brand new to me).

If you didn't know already from my Twitter, I had a fun but rather hectic day yesterday - I did a big shop at Meadowhall and did not expect the entirety of South Yorkshire to be there too. I managed to pick up some Christmas presents (three family members ticked off the list) and some nice things for myself (of course).

Hope you're having a good week, I was at work all day today but it was such a fun shift. I really enjoy my job and I love my co-workers, they're such a laugh. Long shifts are nothing when you're having a good time and you're genuinely happy.

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