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Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Zoella order arrived yesterday! I got the Deck the Baubles bubble bath from her Christmas range and the Lazy Days candle from her new lifestyle range.

The bubble bath has a lovely festive spicy gingerbread scent with a hint of vanilla, and the candle smells like fresh linen which is one of my favourite scents (it's similar to YC's Clean Cotton but I think you get more product for your money with Zoella, nudge nudge). I would go into more detail but I've still got a cold and my nose is blocked, so my sense of smell is not all there which is kinda unfortunate.

The bubble bath is so pretty - it's golden and shimmery and festive as hell. Anyone else listening to Christmas music already? I can't help myself. When I see stores stocking their shelves with stocking fillers and gift sets I automatically get Christmas songs stuck in my head. There's no avoiding it.

I'm honestly ridiculously excited for Christmas. Last year I was at uni so I came home like two weeks before Christmas and it felt so temporary, like I didn't feel comfortable or relaxed because I knew I wasn't staying long (plus I had essays to work on which was an absolute joke), whereas this year I am back at home and I'm ready to fully embrace Christmas and enjoy every second of it. I know it's silly to talk about Christmas in September but I know I'm not alone in loving it. Christmas is life. Christmas products are what I live for, so the fact that my fave vlogger already has her Christmas range out in stores makes me the happiest bean alive.

P.S. If you want to have some fun, take a shot every time I mention Christmas. Actually don't, because you'll probably die.

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