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Thursday, September 15, 2016


Anyone else bored of this insufferable heatwave? Yeah. I'm over it. It's cooler today than it has been all week, but it's still too warm and I'm still fed up. I remember last September when I was moving into halls there was misty rain and it was so grey and cloudy but it was ridiculously humid, like being in a sauna kind of humid. I was really happy to see September arrive, but the weather's always so awkward, like it doesn't know whether it still wants to be summer or not.

I've been doing a couple more pages of my journal recently. Anyone else used to do squiggles like the one above in MS Paint then fill each space in with the default colours? The page above reminds me of that. I've enjoyed doing a bit of painting for a change, I feel like I don't break out the watercolours enough.

New journal pages include old Zara postcards, snippets from a Lidl magazine, and a big cutting of Nadiya Hussain gazing at a cupcake. The autumnal page is one of my faves so far. I love the sock stickers - I've been saving them for something special for years and thought they fit nicely in here. I have a plastic wallet stocked with stickers and I get most, if not all, of them from Artbox. Suatelier and Sonia J are my fave brands. They're the prettiest stickers and are amazing quality.

Hope you've all had a pleasant week. I'm off to York again tomorrow but just for the day this time. I'm showing a friend around since he's never been before and obviously I HAD to offer to go with him and be his tour guide. Although, I'm going to have to try and be as thrifty as possible since I've just forked out nearly £150 on glasses(!!!!!!?) and I want to have a little cry about it.

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