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Sunday, September 25, 2016


I know it might seem like I've disappeared into a black hole, but I'm just having a mini hiatus. The hiatus was brought on early this week because I was feeling really uninspired and unmotivated to blog and felt like I needed some time away to chill without the pressure. I managed to get one post out this week but then I got ill. Blah. I have felt like 💩 all weekend and haven't had the slightest bit of energy to blog, as you would expect. I've only got a cold but it's been so draining. I'm feeling a bit better now but still not great, so posts may have to wait a few more days.

I knew I'd hit a creative wall at some point. For the last few months I've been trying to get at least two posts out a week, but even that's proved to be difficult. I can't believe when I started this blog I was publishing a post a day. Sometimes I'd publish two posts a day, which seems mental to me now.

My mum and I have recently rediscovered the wonderful world of jigsaw puzzles. We thought we'd completed one yesterday but there was a piece missing - now, that's either WHSmith's fault, or the cat has swiped a piece off the table while we've not been looking. I'm more inclined to believe it's the cat's fault (she'd do something like that, she's got an evil streak), but we'll never know. We've started another puzzle today so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all the pieces are there because I can't deal with that kind of heartbreak again.

My friend who lives in London is back up north for the weekend so we went out for breakfast this morning. She has the best stories to tell. I haven't seen her for months (in fact I can't remember the last time I did, it might have been around Christmas 2015 which is insane) so it was nice to catch up. I'm hoping to go down to London soon, although it may have to be after Christmas now as money is a bit tight (it's time to start thinking about Christmas shopping - I know, it makes me feel a bit sick too). Can't wait to visit again though.

So aside from sneezing uncontrollably for four days and being generally mardy, I'm doing well. I have a little Superdrug parcel due to arrive either tomorrow or Tuesday that includes some cute new Zoella goodies, so I'll make sure to show you guys. 🎅

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