Harry Potter posters & calico cats in York

Thursday, September 08, 2016 York, UK


My ma and I are back from our little trip to York. We spent two nights at the lovely Elmbank Hotel and did nothing but shop and sleep for three days. Here's how it all went:


We did a bit of shopping at the YDO (picked up something from the Gap and French Connection outlets) before checking into our hotel and wandering into town. I spotted an excellent Harry Potter poster in the window of York Glass. Fits in very well down the Shambles.

'Harry Potter posters 1 galleon, or £5 for muggles' is the greatest thing I've ever seen. 

While wandering down Stonegate I was tempted into Jo Malone and accidentally on purpose bought myself the Blackberry & Bay scent...

... As well as lots of other wonderful bits and pieces. We grabbed a taxi back to the hotel at around 5, had a mini M&S picnic in our rooms, then lounged around in our pyjamas until it was time for bed.


I spent most of the late morning/early afternoon in my hotel room feeling sick, but once I started feeling better by the mid-afternoon I suggested we drive to Monks Cross and check out the new Primark. York's been lacking a Primark for far too long and now they have one and it's awesome (and huge). It's tidy, modern, spacious, air conditioned (highly appreciated in a heatwave!!!), and surprisingly pleasant to be in. We walked out of there with a biiiiiiig bag. 👍


We woke up early, had breakfast, then set off back into town to do the rest of the shopping we wanted to do on Wednesday. I picked up some goodies from Zara, Superdrug (Zoella stuff), Boots (NYX stuff), Stonegate Teddy Bears (you bet I bought myself a teddy bear, how could I not?!), Shared Earth, and Pylones. We finished up at 11 then headed home (not before having a Lunchable each in a petrol station car park).

In summary: York is amazing (as always), please book yourself in at Elmbank and have a couple of days around the city. My mum and I only went to shop, but if you want to go sight seeing too I recommend checking out my York guide! Also, I really want a calico cat.

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