Autumn wardrobe 2016

Sunday, September 04, 2016

September is my favourite month and autumn is my favourite season. I love seeing the back end of August because for some reason it always seems to drag and I get so bored of it, so I was beyond happy when the 1st of September rolled around and suddenly every shop has their autumn ranges out in full force (and Christmas songs become that little bit more acceptable to listen to). I've been dreaming of knitted jumpers and boots for over a month now, and although we have a week or two more of sun and heat, we're so, so close to being able to dig out our autumn/winter clothes and I cannot hold in my excitement.

This is a small selection of brand-spanking new autumn/winter clothing, shoes and accessories from some of my favourite stores. Thought it'd be nice to put a collection together for you guys to shop. I've added at least three of these items onto my 'to buy' list for when I'm in York this week (more on my upcoming York trip tomorrow). Hope you like what I've picked! Let me know if you end up buying any of the items above or you already own something, I'd love to know what you're buying for the new season.

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