Sandy toes & baby seals in Skegness

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 Skegness, UK

Hope you all had a fun bank holiday. We headed to Skegness for the day which I was very excited for. Beaches are my favourite thing, and I love kicking my shoes off and delving my feet into the sand, so that's exactly what I did.

Took my Birkenstocks out for the very first time (even though I've had them for over a year 🙄) and had a little paddle in the freeeeezing sea.

We enjoyed ice cream and fish and chips (obviously, it isn't a successful trip to the seaside without fish and chips - if you're in Skegness, get them at The Clock Restaurant) then dawdled around the town centre. Seaside towns have the best shops - big, open-front shops that play loud, tacky music and sell near enough everything on the planet all in one place. I saw hundreds upon hundreds of poop emoji cushions. 💩

Towards the end of the day, we visited Natureland Seal Sanctuary...

Cute baby harbour seals! And...

Meerkats!!!! Eeee!

Jackass penguins (lol that's their legit name) and cute fluffy alpacas!!!

The tropical house was gorgeous - butterflies were flying around freely and some landed on me, and usually anything flying around me like that would scare me to death, but they were so gentle and pretty and I figured flapping my arms about like a loon wouldn't help matters.

Just as everyone was starting to close up, we popped into the gift shop (of course I bought a little stuffed seal toy, what kind of fool do you think I am to pass up that opportunity) then set off home (or, more accurately, got stuck in miles of traffic for an hour and baked to death in the car).

In conclusion: Natureland is awesome, Skegness beach is really lovely, The Clock Restaurant do incredible scampi, and whipped ice cream trumps all other kinds of ice cream. The end.

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