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Tuesday, August 02, 2016
A tiny bit skew-whiff, but it adds to the charm, right? 🌟


I've had a busy day today decluttering the spare room with my mum. The room gets a huge clear out every two to three months because it attracts rubbish and junk like a giant magnet. My old shelves are now in there as are many of our books that we don't have space for anywhere else, and the floor is now visible again.

My mum has hung up some of her new framed art from IKEA in her bedroom. She used to have four little frames with vintage leafy artworks but she took them down and I snagged the frames to use for a little DIY project. I found last year's Rifle Paper Co. calendar in a box in the spare room and we thought cutting out and framing some of the pictures in it could look really nice, so that's what we did. I picked Marie Antoinette, Lili'uokalani, Elizabeth II, and Nefertiti as the four monarchs to hang above my bed. I'm so pleased we managed to save the frames and repurpose a year-old calendar.

I also picked up a new magazine today, and it really is new. This is issue 1 of Breathe Magazine, a lovely mag that focuses on wellbeing, mindfulness, creativity, escapism, relaxing, and exploring. It's absolutely perfect, it's definitely going to be a regular purchase alongside my all-time favourite, The Simple Things. Check out the website and consider picking up their very first issue. I adore the cover by illustrator Bethan Janine, it is incredibly eye-catching and perfectly pretty.

Hope you all have a fun week!

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