I'm going on a mini staycation

Saturday, August 13, 2016


I'm off to Norfolk again soon. My dad lives there now and I've only been once before (I visited shortly before starting this blog actually, you'll find a couple of Norfolk snaps in my introduction post including the one I've used above) so I'm visiting again, catching the train on Tuesday afternoon and staying until Friday evening. If my blog posts are a little few and far between from now until next weekend it's because I'm busy at work and then I'm setting off for Norfolk on Tuesday more or less straight after my shift. Obviously when I'm back everything will be back to normal, I just thought I'd make a post explaining what's going on.

Good news is I'll probably Tweet a lot while I'm away (apologies in advance for any bored train Tweets), so if you want you can follow me over on Twitter.

In other news, I have recently uploaded a ton of new photos to my Flickr. Haven't had a roll of film developed for well over a year. I'd actually forgotten what was on this roll of film until I put the disc in my laptop... turns out a few of them were from a trip to Cusworth Hall not long before I went to uni, and there was one of Big Ben from this exact time last year when I visited friends in London. Shows you how often I use my 35mm camera. 

I've included three of my new photos above - love the one from inside York Minster, if I may say so myself. 😏📸

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