Bakewell in the summertime

Tuesday, August 09, 2016 Bakewell, UK


My ma and I took a trip out to Bakewell today. I've blogged about Bakewell before and I've been itching to go again for months. It's one of my favourite places to visit.

We did a bit of shopping and had brunch at Byways - I had some buttery crumpets and then sought out ice cream for dessert. I love Thorntons chocolate so I had a big scoop of Chocolate Heaven. I was a bit gutted that I didn't notice sooner that they had a limited edition Banana flavour. Banana ice cream?! That's my DREAM. They even stick chocolate Smiles in the top of the scoop which I thought was cute.

I ended up buying a Fat Face top and some bath bombs from the Harika stall at the craft & gift fair (had a baby powder one in my bath earlier, smells heavenly), as well as some random bits and bobs from the Ravenside retail park on our way home through Chesterfield. Had to pop into Hobbycraft, didn't I?

It was a lovely day, apart from the weather having no clue what it was doing - it kept raining then the sun would come out for a minute and it was blowing a gale and I'm just... fed up with it to be honest. But despite that I had a nice day out in the Peaks with my fave, and I got to use my film camera for the first time in over a year(?!) - snapped some colourful flowers in the park (not sure what the park's called, it's the one on Buxton Road/Bath Street) and some of Bakewell's charming architecture.

I think next time my mum and I have the same day off and the weather isn't being annoying and temperamental, we're going to visit Haddon Hall since neither of us have been before and it's been on my 'to visit' list for years. Plus it's about five minutes out of Bakewell, so there's that.

Enjoy your week!

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