Star Trek-ing & shoe shopping

Friday, July 29, 2016

Hey, it's been... uh, a week. Already can't wait for kids to go back to school because yesterday was a nightmare at work and today I went to Meadowhall and got swamped by a sea of children and pushchairs. I may just hibernate in my room throughout August.

Anyway, I have been up to a couple of fun things since my last blog post. I went to see Star Trek Beyond on Sunday which was awesome. Beats Into Darkness for me personally. Into Darkness was fun when I first saw at the cinema then I couldn't stop thinking about why they thought it was a good idea to cast Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan and I eventually made myself so mad I couldn't bear to watch it again. Such bad casting... anyway... Beyond is brilliant, it feels like the first one again in terms of tone. It's fun and light and action-y and they bring Sabotage by the Beastie Boys back in the best way possible and it's just... yeah, very good.

My work week was OK, it's picked up a lot because of the summer holidays and it's occasionally been a bit overwhelming but I always manage to get through it (somehow). I was grateful for the day off today to ~recuperate, but then I decided to go shopping... and that was equally as chaotic... but a good kind of chaotic since, y'know, I'm shopping and not working. 🛍

I picked up some new work shoes (Sketchers, 10% student discount in Schuh, thanks NUS card even though I'm not actually a student anymore, shh) because my old Sketchers had died a death (there were holes where my big toes sit, MY TOES HAD WORN HOLES IN MY SHOES?) so new shoes were number 1 on the list. I then picked up some NYX Lip Lingerie lipstick in Exotic, a tube of Lee Stafford Coco Loco Blow and Go lotion, a Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt makeup brush, some new tweezers (boring but necessary), and more of my favourite bras ever. They're a sensible bra and don't come in the most adventurous of colours, but in terms of fit, comfort and practicality, they're pretty boss. Sorry if that's a bit too TMI for you guys.

P.S. The picture in this post was taken yesterday as the sun was setting - all I've done is lift the saturation a teeny notch. It was legit golden in my room for about 30 seconds. I'm so glad I captured it.

Hope you've all had a fun week. The weather's gone back to Typical English Summer now - miserable rain and unbearable humidity - but I hope you've had a good 'un nonetheless.

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