Shopping for flowers in the sunshine at Welbeck

Sunday, July 17, 2016 Worksop, UK

Hi! Today has been a gorgeous day. Finally we got some proper summer weather and I've spent most of it sitting outside lapping it up.

We headed to Welbeck this morning to the garden centre. My mum needed some more plants since the snails have munched through most of the others. Snails really loved our red salvias, much to my mum's disdain.

We got a colourful new selection of flowers (distancing ourselves from those red salvias) as well as some non-garden related things like food (chocolate dipped shortbread and strawberry milkshake flavoured sweets 🤗) and clothes (a Regatta t-shirt and a striped dress by Country Rose). Like you do.

After we'd done in the garden centre, we moved on to the farm shop and bought lots of lovely fresh organic food (dirty carrots with the tops still on!!!!) and had the richest, creamiest, most beautiful chocolate ice cream in the universe. It was like eating velvet, or... what I imagine it's like to eat velvet. You get what I mean.

It was a fun few hours out of the house - I've been at work most of the week so it was nice to wear something other than my uniform or my pyjamas and get to chill out in the sun.

Hope you guys all had a good weekend, I've just finished watching Deadpool and I'm a bit in love with it. ❤️⚔💉☠️

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