How to cope in a heatwave according to my cat

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My cat was thoroughly enjoying the heatwave until it got to about 1pm this afternoon and she 100% gave up on life (as had I). From what I've noticed, she likes to keep cool by laying on plastic things (a Sainsbury's carrier bag and a damp shower curtain as pictured above) and by sleeping a lot, which is what I wish I could do all day long if I didn't have adult responsibilities. She has also spent a lot of time sitting on the concrete patio outside which seems to stay cool even when the sun is on it. She's a clever one. It must be tough being covered in fur when it's hot, I can hardly cope now and I've got a teeny pair of shorts and a vest on.

So yeah, the heatwave. I've been dying for a proper summer all year but this isn't exactly what I had in mind. I wanted less humidity and more sunshine, but being a typical Brit and all - I'm simply never ever happy with the weather.

I must confess... I've been thinking a lot about Christmas since it's turned warm. While I'm sitting here sweating cobs in my bedroom with the fan providing me with nothing but lukewarm puffs of air, I can't help but dream of cold weather and boots and scarves and Christmas songs and tinsel and woolly jumpers... although the thought of woolly jumpers right now is making me feel hotter. Eugh. 🌞🔥🌞🔥

Hope you're having a lovely week, I've got three days off work so I'm feeling pretty chill. I've been spending most of my time lately sitting outside staring into the abyss because it's honestly too hot to do anything else. It's funny, a lot of people outside the UK laugh at us and our "heatwaves", but you have to remember - Britain is so wonderfully, incredibly, fantastically underprepared for heat. Most buildings don't have AC so it's basically just close your curtains, lay in bed in your pants, and frown until it cools down. Plus, Brits aren't used to the heat so I think our bodies just go into panic mode when it goes anywhere above 17°C. It's not a fun time. I feel for those who have to take the Tube in London when it's this hot *shudders*. You guys have my deepest sympathies.

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