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Saturday, July 09, 2016

It's been a weird old week but I don't know why, it just feels like it's been weird. Yes, good start to the post, Kate.

On Thursday we had our kitchen floor levelled out in preparation for new cushion flooring. Not interesting in the slightest, but the floor does look rather snazzy now. It's a lighter colour and makes the kitchen look massive. That was about the most interesting thing that's happened this week.

I finally got all my IKEA furniture set up - my new bookcase looks awesome, I'm so pleased with it. It looks so sparse compared to what I had before, but that's good because it means I can buy more stuff to fill it and not feel bad. 😋

I've had a decent work week, nothing too spectacular. I have one more shift today then I have three lovely days off. I don't have any plans but I really want to make the most of my time off somehow, so I'm hoping the weather's nice and that I'm not too skint (I haven't checked my bank balance in over a week so who knows really). If it turns out I am skint, my long weekend will involve me doing a lot of cross stitching in bed and probably watching The Martian a million more times (kind of obsessed).

Oh, my cat had a slight mishap outside this week. I was chasing her around the garden which always gets her overly hyper and giddy and she goes running at 500mph into a stone step and scuffs her nose quite badly. She did a bit of a roly-poly and at first we thought she'd hit her head, but thankfully she didn't. She's been to the vets and is doing fine, but is having antibiotics injected into her food to ease the pain. Her nose has swelled up and turned a dazzling shade of purple. 💜

That's about it for my week so far, hope you've had a good one.

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